Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

Personal accident and sickness insurance replaces a percentage of your income when you cannot work. These policies are offered by general insurance companies. Many occupations take out personal accident and sickness insurance, but tradesman make up the largest percentage of the policies bought.

The main benefits of a personal accident and sickness policy:

  • Premiums are fully tax deductible.
  • Covers you for up to 75% of your income and you have the choice of either one or two years benefit periods or until you reach the age of 65.
  • Assurance that you have protection that provides an ongoing income when you are injured or sick. This will help to look after your family and to cover the costs of expenses such as mortgages, bills, and general living expenses.

If you are after a product with broader coverage, Brokers National can also provide life insurance products. For information relating to life insurance products such as income protection click here.

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