Term Life/Death Insurance

Term life insurance protects the family after the insured dies.

A lump sum payout on death

When you take out a term cover policy, you are paying for an agreed lump sum death benefit amount which will be paid to your family as a lump sum. Your family can use the money to pay off debts such as the mortgage or credit cards, as well as use the money as an income to pay ongoing bills to maintain their lifestyle and goals, such as your children’s education.

Advance payment for terminal illness

If a medical practitioner expects the insured to die within 12 months, the policy pays out the benefit in advance prior to death to help with final medical expenses.

As death is not the only circumstance which could leave your family in difficulty, you can add extras to your term life policy such as total and permanent disability insurance and trauma insurance, which pays a percentage of your income if you are unable to work because of specified illnesses, injury or accident.

If your death is the result of suicide in the first thirteen months, and the application questions have been answered honestly, your family will usually be able to rely on a cash payout when you die.

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