Industrial Special Risk Insurance (ISR)

Industrial special risk insurance (ISR) is a complex policy that provides property damage and business interruption covers for medium to large organisations with assets over $5M.

The coverage of an industrial special risk policy tends to be broader than a  standard "business pack", which can extend to cover multiple situations.  An ISR policy is designed to protect all tangible property including buildings, stock, plant and machinery that belongs to the insured and property of which the insured is legally responsible for up to the limit of liability on the policy (this is the maximum amount payable by the insurer for any one loss or series of losses suffered by the insured).

Sub-limits will then be agreed and determined once all  property has been declared by the insured.​ 

At Brokers National we can tailor an Industrial Special Risk insurance policy to suit your individual insurance requirements. Speak to a broker today on (03)9791 6688.



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